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Garden Flowers: 10 Interesting Facts About Them

For those living in Bellingham, MA, these beautiful garden flowers can be enjoyed at home with the convenience of our flower delivery bellingham ma. Here are ten interesting facts about these garden flowers.

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Garden flowers indeed add beauty and color to our surroundings, but their charm doesn't stop there. They also have fascinating stories and features that are often overlooked. Each flower, with its unique shape, color, and scent, carries a tale of evolution, survival, and adaptation. These are just a few of the many interesting facts about garden flowers. And for those living in Bellingham, MA, these beautiful garden flowers can be enjoyed at home with the convenience of our flower delivery bellingham ma. Here are ten interesting facts about these garden flowers.

World's Oldest Flower

The oldest flower in the world is believed to be the water lily. Fossil evidence suggests that these beautiful aquatic plants, which are often a centerpiece in flower gardening, have been around for at least 125 million years! The water lily's age tells us a lot about the history of plant life on Earth and how flowers evolved over millions of years.

Flowers and Bees

Flowers and bees have a mutualistic relationship. Bees collect nectar and pollen for food, while flowers get pollinated in the process, which helps them reproduce. This relationship is so important that many flowers, even those available in our flower shops in Bellingham, have evolved to attract bees specifically, with bright colors, sweet scents, and even ultraviolet patterns that bees can see.

Edible Flowers

Did you know that some garden flowers are edible? Flowers like pansies, nasturtiums, and marigolds can add color and flavor to salads and other dishes. However, it's important to remember that not all flowers are safe to eat, and some can be poisonous. Always make sure to do your research before adding any flowers to your meals.

Flowers and Fragrance

Some flowers, like those you might find with our florist in Blackstone, MA, release their fragrance at night to attract nocturnal pollinators like moths. Examples include jasmine and tuberose. These flowers have evolved to produce strong, sweet scents that can travel through the night air, attracting moths and other night-flying insects that can help them pollinate.

Sunflowers and the Sun

Sunflowers exhibit a behavior called heliotropism. They follow the sun's movement across the sky from east to west, which maximizes their exposure to sunlight. This behavior is especially noticeable in young sunflowers, which need plenty of sunlight to grow. As sunflowers mature, they generally stop moving and face east.

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Roses and Their Colors

Roses, which are often considered all season flowers for gardens, come in different colors, each with its own meaning. Red roses are a symbol of love, yellow roses denote friendship, and white roses stand for purity. The color of a rose can convey a specific emotion or sentiment, making roses a popular choice for bouquets and other floral arrangements.

Tulips and Their Value

During the 17th century, the value of tulips in the Netherlands was so high that their bulbs were considered more precious than gold! This period is known as "Tulip Mania." Tulips were brought to Europe from Turkey in the 16th century, and their unique, vibrant colors quickly made them a luxury item.

Daisies and Their Name

The name "daisy", a common choice among home garden flowers, comes from "day's eye" because the whole head of the flower closes at night and opens in the morning. This behavior is a type of nyctinasty, which is a movement of plants in response to the onset of darkness, or a plant "sleeping."

Carnations and Their Longevity

Carnations are one of the longest-lasting cut flowers. With proper care, they can stay fresh for up to two weeks! The carnation's longevity, combined with its rich colors and sweet fragrance, makes it a popular choice for bouquets and floral arrangements.

Lilies and Their Symbolism

Lilies, frequently seen at funerals, are symbolic of the deceased’s soul returning to a state of purity. However, in other contexts, lilies can represent purity, love, and rebirth. The lily is a complex flower with a rich history and deep symbolism.


Garden flowers are more than just beautiful decorations. They hold a world of wonder, each with its own unique story and symbolism. At Brian's Country Greenery, we celebrate the beauty and diversity of these flowers. Visit our website at to explore our wide range of garden flowers and learn more about their fascinating features Brian's Country Greenery Florist. Let's delve into the world of garden flowers together with Brian's Country Greenery. Happy gardening!

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